David A. Pritchett, songwriter

David A. Pritchett

Lyricist, Songwriter, Poet and Creative Writer



David A. Pritchett is from Indiana, USA and had many different jobs during his younger years. He wrote poetry as a hobby which started in High School. He always loved music and sold records at local markets in the Cincinnati, Ohio USA area in the 1970’s, opening a record store near Cincinnati, Ohio in 1984.

After seeing the future of the Internet David decided to close the store in 2002. During this time he also was a Disc Jockey and performed in local events and at private parties in the area. 

After closing the music store David decided to take a cruise with his daughter to Alaska in 2003 where he met a lady from Belgium. This started a long distance relationship until they married in 2005 and he moved to Antwerp, Belgium.

Several years later with encouragement from his wife David started organizing all of his poetry and found among them many song ideas and lyrics. He decided to look for a musician to help put music to them. Finding a musician and singer by chance at a small concert they started working together for a few years. During this time David perfected his writing and learned a lot about songs and music. Looking for a specific sound that fit his songs he found a Meet-up website where people get together with the same interests. He looked up singers and listening to all of them who had songs available. He decided to email one of the members, Jeff Wisnom and see if he would like to write music to David’s lyrics. After meeting they discovered they worked well together and became friends. They have released an album Titled: “Take a Chance” by Jeff Wisnom on Mutaze Records.

David is retired and living on the Belgium coast. He rides a bicycle most days, writing and working on songs. Since working with musicians and writing songs he discovered he loves it and mainly focus’ on song writing. He also is working on a screenplay, a novel and still writes poetry.

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